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Sterling Planet Teams Up with Sports and Social Change to Lower Environmental Impacts
by Team Marketing Systems on 

Sports Industry Offered New Sustainability, Clean Energy and Carbon Avoidance Solutions

Sterling Planet
, the nation’s leading retail provider of renewable energy and other carbon-reduction assets, announced today a unique partnership with Sports and Social Change, a cause-driven social enterprise in the sports industry. The two partners are providing clean energy and carbon avoidance solutions for sports event producers, participants and fans.

Sports are a year-round pastime for millions of Americans, whether they're playing and competing or watching and cheering. But what many may not realize is that staging all types and levels of competitions, tournaments and similar sports events in communities around the nation requires logistics, transportation and facility operation functions – and the significant consumption of energy and resources.

Sterling Planet and Sports and Social Change are working together at the grassroots level -  where sports event programming happens on a year-round, national basis - to provide verified environmental assets and help sports event organizers reduce energy-related carbon dioxide emissions from sports events. These assets include Sterling Planet's comprehensive portfolio of renewable energy certificates (RECs), carbon offsets and innovative White Tags® energy efficiency certificates.

"We are witnessing a major shift in the sports business community," said Howard Brodwin, founder of Sports and Social Change. “Sports organizations are taking greater responsibility for the environmental impact of sports events, reaching out to educate their fan bases on sustainable energy and trying to reduce energy use. By working with Sterling Planet to provide clean energy solutions for event planners, we’re making real progress in the area of environmentally responsible sports management."

The companies will together offer clean energy solutions for event production and management firms, with an initial focus on Action Sports such as surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, motocross, BMX and wakeboarding, and the endurance racing space, which includes marathons, 5K/10K racing, triathlons, duathlons, road cycling, mountain biking and adventure racing events.

To learn more about how clean energy solutions and carbon offsets can shrink a sports event's carbon footprint and benefit the environment, please contact Howard Brodwin via email howard@sportsandsocialchange.org or phone (323) 841-2267.

About Sports and Social Change
At Sports and Social Change we see sports as a dynamic platform to unite a broad range of disparate audiences and focus their time, energy and resources to address critical social issues. Our mission is to provide access to information, resources and opportunities for those seeking connections with social change and cause-related organizations around the world that utilize sports as the primary vehicle to empower change.

Sports and Social Change is committed to providing the sports industry with socially responsible business solutions that positively impact the planet, the sports community and the bottom line. We hold a unique position within the global sports community, with the power to channel the industry's talent and resources to tackle some of the planet's most significant social issues through innovative cause marketing campaigns, corporate social responsibility initiatives, brand & nonprofit partnerships, and empowerment on social enterprise models in sports business.

About Sterling Planet

Sterling Planet in the nation’s leading retail provider of renewable energy certificates (RECs) in both voluntary and compliance markets and is the only provider of a comprehensive portfolio of carbon-reduction assets – RECs, carbon offsets and innovative White Tags® energy efficiency certificates. Recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the 2012 Green Power Supplier of the Year, Sterling Planet delivers more than 5 billion REC kilowatt-hours annually to members of the voluntary EPA Green Power Partnership, including the top three purchasers. In compliance markets, Sterling Planet is a leading supplier to government agencies and has partnered with 169 utilities nationwide.


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Howler iPhone App Helps Track Down Stolen Bikes, Skis and Snowboards Through the Power of Technology, Community and Social Media
by Team Marketing Systems on 

FARMINGTON, CT, April 5, 2012 – Bike, ski and snowboard theft is a problem. A big problem. It happens everyday, at college campuses and major ski resorts, in big cities and small towns. And spreading the word about just-stolen gear to as many people as possible can make all of the difference between getting your bike, skis or snowboard back, or having to scrape together the cash to buy a new ride.

The Howler™ App from
Get Out Technologies helps protect your bikes, skis, snowboards and other recreational gear by providing the necessary tools to easily document key information and alert a local, like-minded community to be on the lookout for just-stolen gear. The Howler App is perfect for city dwellers who rely on their bike for transportation, and active sports enthusiasts who are passionate about skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking and other activities where their gear is their connection to the outdoors.

Through the Howler App and gear registry tools available at GetOutt.com, users can register all of the pertinent information for their recreational gear – serial numbers, photos, descriptions & distinguishing marks, receipts – in a secure, personal “gear locker.” Everything documented through the Howler App automatically syncs with a web-based account at GetOutt.com.

In the event an item is stolen, a Howler Alert instantly notifies other members in the same geographical area through the iPhone’s Push Notifications, email, SMS and social media, what the item is, what it looks like and where it was last seen, creating a virtual search party for the just-stolen gear. The more eyes out there looking for missing gear, the better chances are for recovery and return.

Every Howler Alert is instantly broadcast to local law enforcement, ski resort security, campus security, local retailers and repair shops via RSS feeds and social media channels. And just as important in the event of any theft, all of the necessary information to file a police report or insurance claim is easily accessible.

Howler App: Document Your Gear – Howl if Stolen!

Now Available in the iTunes App Store:

About Get Out Technologies
Like you, we live and love to ride. Whether shreddin’ fresh pow, tearing through single track, or charging the pipe on the weekends, our gear is lubed, waxed and ready at all times. Unfortunately, so are the sketch-balls who want to snatch it from us. That’s where we come in. Our mission is to create opportunities and new communication channels for recreational gear registration, tracking and recovery, to support community efforts in gear theft prevention through education and sharing of best practices, and to protect the stuff you use to Get Outt!

For more information, please contact:
Howard Brodwin

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Bauerfeind Performance Center profiled in Santa Monica Mirror
by Team Marketing Systems on 

We picked-up some local coverage for the Bauerfeind Performance Center from the folks at the Santa Monica Mirror; they ran a great piece in their newspaper and here's the online version...

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Stuntmen’s Association partners with Blind Judo Foundation to Support Martial Arts Programs for Visually Impaired Children and Wounded Warriors
by Team Marketing Systems on 

The Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures, one of Hollywood’s oldest and most prestigious organizations, announced a partnership to help the blind and visually impaired participate in a life changing sport. At their 50th Anniversary Gala this past Saturday in Universal City, CA, the Stuntmen’s Association formally introduced the Blind Judo Foundation as a partner organization, with a goal to support the foundation’s efforts in teaching the sport of Judo to the blind and visually impaired.


“As stunt professionals, Judo and Martial Arts fundamentals are a big part of the work we do on-set every day,” said Mark Donaldson, President of the Stuntmen’s Association. “The opportunity to work with the Blind Judo Foundation, to bring the sport of Judo to blind children and our military’s Wounded Warriors is a perfect fit with the spirit of our organization and we look forward to participating in upcoming events, clinics and activities.”


The Blind Judo Foundation provides financial support, training and coaching to facilities around the country that teach martial arts to blind and visually impaired children and adults. The foundation also runs programs for US Military “Wounded Warriors” who can benefit greatly from the physical and mental rehabilitation the sport of Judo provides.


“Over 70% of blind and visually impaired kids do not participate in any physical activity. Simply put, they are afraid of falling,” said Ron Peck, Executive Director and co-founder of the Blind Judo Foundation. “The sport of Judo teaches balance, strength and falling correctly. For a blind individual, these can be the keys to building confidence and independence, which carryover into their work, their relationships and their self-esteem. And for some of our athletes, participating in our programs can lead to representing their country at the Paralympics.”


These Paralympic dreams are very real. Blind Judo Foundation co-founder Willy Cahill has served as Head Coach of the US Paralympic Judo team for the past 3 Paralympic Games, and 75% of all US Judo medals won at the Olympics & Paralympics have been achieved under his direction.


“Having the support of the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures is a tremendous boost for our athletes,” said Coach Cahill. “I’ve seen first-hand how this sport changes the lives of blind children and young adults. These are people that some in our society have cast-off as ‘defective.’ What I’ve seen are athletes, competitors, and amazingly strong men and women who have accomplished so much through their dedication to the sport of Judo.”

Representatives of the Blind Judo Foundation with Honored Guest Harrison Ford

Blind Judo Foundation with Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures President Mark Donaldson and his family.

For more information on the Blind Judo Foundation, visit


For more information on the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures, visit


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Bauerfeind Performance Center featured on KABC-TV
by Team Marketing Systems on 

KABC-TV fitness reporter Lori Corbin profiled the Bauerfeind Performance Center this week, with the story airing on both the morning and midday KABC news. Check out the full story and video clip here...


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