What We Do

"A system must have an aim. Without the aim, there is no system."
- W. Edwards Deming

The late, great Mr. Deming was right.
And that "aim" needs to be on target...

Our approach to marketing is built on finding creative strategies and innovative solutions that convey who you are and what you do to the people who matter most - your customers.

People will feel what they want to feel, believe what they want to believe and buy what they think is the better brand. So we dig deep to find the key touchpoints between you and your customers where we can effectively communicate your brand and build a solid relationship.

Our expertise includes:

  • Marketing Strategy Plans
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Market & Trend Research
  • Touchpoint Analysis
  • Brand Development & Activation
  • Product / Service Launch Campaigns
  • Event Marketing & Promotions
  • Grassroots / Experiential Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Sponsorship Consultation
  • Partnership Evaluation
  • Cause Marketing
  • Website Architecture & Design
  • Email Campaigns
  • Online Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Digital Content Development & Distribution
  • E-commerce Infrastructure, Fulfillment and Marketing

After we have a complete understanding of your situation - your brand, customers, marketplace, competitors, and especially your goals - we create your "Marketing System" and work with you to execute across the channels that not only make sense strategically but also fit your budget and your resources.

We also know the importance of making sure the plan is clear, concise and easy for everyone to wrap their head around, and we promise to keep the
marketing speak and buzz words to a minimum (i.e - we won't "dialogue" with you about any "disconnects" ;-).