Sports Cause Marketing for Athletes, Teams, Sports Brands and Media Properties

There is no denying sports has the power to rally and unite a large and diverse audience around a common goal. For us and the organizations, brands, teams & athletes we work with, that goal is change - impactful, sustainable and measurable change around the world.

We sit in a unique position within the global sports community, allowing us to channel the industry's talent and resources to tackle some of the planet's most significant social issues through innovative cause marketing campaigns, unique brand & nonprofit partnerships, and empowerment on social enterprise models in sports business.

Our belief is that in the sports industry Cause Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Enterprise and Fair Trade practices are not catch phrases or the means to simply generate quick “feel-good” PR. Instead, they offer tremendous opportunities to engage with stake-holders, employees, partners and customers on issues that impact everyone - which positively impacts the bottom line.

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For Sports Brands, Teams, Leagues and Media Properties:

Cause Marketing Campaigns
Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
Fair Trade Practices

Social Enterprise Development

For Athletes, Coaches, Broadcasters and Sports Personalities:

Cause Marketing Campaigns
Event / Grassroots / Community Programming

Foundation Development / Management / Marketing
Social Entrepreneurship in Sports

For Nonprofit and Cause Driven Organizations:
Social Enterprise Development
Marketing and Public Relations Campaigns
Digital Strategy: Web / Mobile / Social Media
Corporate Partnership Development
Capacity Building Strategies is our comprehensive guide to non-profit groups, foundations, charities and philanthropic organizations around the world that are affiliated with the teams, athletes and personnel of the amateur and professional sports community and utilize sports as the primary vehicle to initiate meaningful social change.

The site's mission is to provide access to information, resources and opportunities for those seeking connections with social change and cause-related organizations in the global sports community. We strive to encourage sports industry leaders to use their organizations’ resources to support social change programs, and to promote donations, charitable giving and volunteer participation from sports fans around the world.