Who We Are

TEAM noun
1. a cooperative unit [syn: squad]
2. a number of persons associated together in any work; especially when selected to contend on one side in a match.

There is a reason TEAM is the first word in our name. 

It embodies everything we stand for as a company.

It is the guiding principle behind the relationships we build with our clients.

It is our approach to problem solving.

It is how we celebrate our victories,

and learn from our defeats.

1b. the commercial processes involved in promoting, selling and distributing a product or service.


Wow, those dictionary folks make it sound so simple.
Then again, maybe it really is...

In truth, MARKETING is essentially putting a product or service in front of the right audience, with a strong, credible and meaningful message. Where it gets challenging (and fun for us) is helping a client answer the questions that drive their brand and their business.

This is where we do the heavy lifting. From researching the competitive landscape and creating your messaging platform, to designing launch strategies and outreaching to key partners and vendors, everything we do starts with the goal of building a long term relationship between your brand and your audience.

1. an organized and comprehensive assembly of individual components, activities, concepts and people that are connected and interact, working together as a unit to achieve common objectives and goals.

a. all systems have inputs, outputs and feedback, and maintain a basic level of equilibrium


This is the foundation of our approach to Marketing: We create a SYSTEM of comprehensive marketing components that are all connected and committed to one common goal.

Working one-on-one with each client, we develop a unique SYSTEM to reach their decision-makers with a specific message and call to action. This includes evaluating the inputs (research and analysis), creating and implementing the outputs (strategies and tactics), and monitoring the feedback (communication, word-of-mouth and social interaction), all designed to maintain that ultimate level of "marketing equilibrium."

That's our SYSTEM. And it works.